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Get a website designed especially for you from the bottom up and without a template. See why this is so much better!

With strategic partners, I can handle all research, implementation and reports, so that your website will be focused on getting you the results you want.

Case Study: Shine Pros

Shine Pros website Shine Pros website

The main purpose of the website was to enable prospective clients to get an instant window cleaning estimate. The form had to be intuitive and inviting for the best user experience. A single, clean webpage was the best solution in this case. The spacious visual design communicates professionalism.

Case Study: EĆ³lica Construction

Eolica Construction website Eolica Construction website Eolica Construction website

After careful research, the main purposes of the website were defined. In the solution created, the navigation items reflect the principal types of user. The images remind users that the company has participated in large construction projects. The visual design differentiates the company from its competitors, with unique textures and overlaping layout.

Case Study: Patricia Rezende architect

Patricia Rezende architect Patricia Rezende architect

The client needed a website to display her architectural projects while reinforcing a well defined brand. The resulting website optimized the space to show very large images. A unique, engaging user experience invites clients to explore more of her designs.

Starting at $900

Ready in three to five days. Included services are listed below. Additional services include original animation, custom forms, and video.

  1. speech bubbles

    Free meeting to agree on desired results, branding and social media strategy. If moving forward, you will have photos for the website taken on the same day.

  2. clipboard

    Based on user and competitor research, will create or redevelop a logo that best fits your desired brand. You will give feedback on the logo for revision.

  3. photo and text

    Design and development that reinforce the brand. You will give feedback on a sample page for revision. Will include text, a contact form, and the photos taken.

  4. wrench

    Launch. Edit the website yourself using a Contentful account we will help you set up. I also offer affordable maintenance starting at $100.00 a month.

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